Relief and Help for the Haiti Earthquake Victims

Today, the tiny country Haiti has been braving to recover from the aftermath of one of the biggest earthquakes to hit the world. This is huge. And for the poor country like Haiti, it is real challenge to come to terms after such a BIG disaster.

Lots of aids and relief to help Haiti Earthquake Victims, is pouring from all over the world. These are testing times for the world community and mankind. Besides the official and governmental supports, help at the personal level also counts in disasters of such a magnitude.

We appeal to the visitors of Internet Security Blog, to come forward and help Haiti Quake victims in this difficult phase.

But a word of caution

Please donate only to the reputed organizations. There are lots of fake charity and “Help Haiti” scam websites, which have sprung up in past few days. They have been using all sorts of dirty tactics and even employing blackhat SEO tricks to poison search engine results.

Beware of these fake and scam Help Haiti site. Donate only to reputed organizations. A few of them may be like…

Google Help Haiti Page

Contribute online to the Red Cross