c If you are on the lookout for a trusted source for advice or review of a computer item, then ComputerShopper.com is a useful website. Today it is one of the largest tech review sites on the web with daily reviews and blog entries about the latest entries in the computer industry. If you do a modest search, you will notice that there are lots of computer review sites on the Internet. The prime purpose of these sites to sell computers and related items, and make money by earning commissions on these sales. The review lets the viewer understand the intricacies of the product and allows him to compare its features and prices vis-a-vis other similar offerings in the market. This seems to the way to sell computers online and ComputerShopper.com seems no different from this model.

But a visit to them quickly tells that something is different here.

The reviews are in-depth. They are neatly arranged and categorized. There are multiple ways to search for a review on your desired product. The site structure is neat with easy navigation. And the best part is that they are not restricted to computers only. Here you can find the tech reviews on every thing techie, right from Computers to peripherals to Cellphones to GPS tools to Software to MP3 players and even HDTV and home theatre systems.

They seems to be having a special association with Dell Computers. Here you can find special mention of Dell Laptops including Dell XPS m1330. For the benefit of newbies, they have an extensive pool of How-To and Buying Guides, which are real helpful even for some of computer nerds. Like a true professional site, they are running a decently updated blog, where they discuss the latest trends and new products and also run a forum, with an active user participation.

Over a decent useful tech review site, which you may consider to visit, if you are seriously looking to buy online something techie.