radiotracker1 If you are a music buff and want to create your own collection of your favorite MP3 songs in a legal way, then RadioTracker Platinum is a great tool. This software is brought to you by RapidSolution Software AG, who are the pioneers in this field of music search and download industry and have provided a novel way to legally get unlimited MP3 music files.

What is RadioTracker Platinum

Simply decide the genre or artists you’re interested in and Radiotracker will do everything else.

RadioTracker searches thousands of Radio Stations simultaneously and brings them directly to your desktop based upon your search query. You can download them and make your personal library. I have found that RadioTracker software performs quite flawlessly in monitoring the type of music you want to rip and save from Internet Radio. You just have to enter the genre or the name of the artist and you will be surprised to find the number of simultaneous possible download you will see. It performs with an amazing accuracy.

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If you are concerned about the quality of the download, I must vouch that the quality is extremely good. There is only on glitch that sometimes if a DJ is saying something in the background, that will also get recorded. Personally speaking, I like that thrill of live recording more than the original one.

But isn’t it illegal?

Not at all.

When you are downloading a file from a copied version over the Internet, there may be a copyright issue involved. Because you are making a copy or replica of something, which has already been recorded. But in the case of RadioTracker, you are recording yourself. The software is listening to the music and then recording it in the background before serving you for download.

This is not copying. This is recording. And it is perfectly legal.


What else is good about RadioTracker?

The other option to get your favorite MP3 files is use some peer-to-peer networks like Kazaa and LimeWire.  I have seen many people using that. But they are unaware of the fact that such networks are a huge source of Spyware. Kazaa is known for distributing lots of adware and Spyware, and I know lot of people whose PC got extremely slow after they started using Kazaa.

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Yet another option is to use Torrent sites like BitTorrent and MiniNova. You may find lots of MP3 files there, but again, Bit Torrent are a huge source of spreading malware, and I will never recommend anybody to use Torrent sites to download anything in wake of huge online threats lurking around.

In such a situation, a software like RadioTracker is as perfect tool for quickly building your MP3 library. A licensed version will cost you around 20-30 bucks, but it will be a wise investment, if you are a true music buff.

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