fake-emailIt is interesting to note, how every popular event is exploited by the malware writers and marketers to spread their malware scripts.

A recent example is the use of President-Elect Obama’s scheduled oath taking ceremony. Security Forums and advisories are abuzz about the fake emails people are getting, which try to break a stunning news something like below.

Obama has refused to be a president.

With this email, a link is given for more information.

As soon as you click on it, you are directed to a fake website, which has been created just to trap you. But in this process, one of malware gets injected into your system.


See the screenshot of such a website.

fake-obama-siteThis is just a sample of what is lying. Such threats can be easily be avoided just be taking some precautions and taking some care. Make sure to first understand the target destination of a link, before clicking anywhere on a link. Take special precautions on the links contained in an email. Take a hard look on the link, even if it is sent to you by a trusted email address.

Remember, Internet Security is too precious and a few split seconds taken to understand the destination of a link before clicking it, can make a lot of difference.

We encourage you to go through the Internet Security Tips section of this blog, to learn a few useful tricks keep yourself safe and secure.