mp3If you are a music buff, and often search Internet for mp3, mp4 music clips, video for download, then you will surely love to have MP3Videoraptor on your desktop. This great tool is provided by RapidSolution Software AG, who are the leader in this field.

What is MP3Videoraptor: It is basically a music search engine, which allows you to search for your favorite music or video, by the name of artist or album, and allows you to download the same in your hard disk. Thus you can make a personalized album of your favorite music very easily. It’s an Internet media search program that records music and video from a number of websites, including,, YouTube, and SoundClick. It also has a ringtone maker to generate ringtones for your cell phone, an ID3 tag editor, and a built-in CD burner.


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But isn’t it illegal: No, it’s not. Because when you search for a particular music, they actually search for the that music on the many Web 2.0 webradio sites and play that file in the background. While playing, they record it and then serve you to download. This way, you are not copying something and infringing upon somebody’s copyrights, but instead you are considered to be recording the personalized music of your own, and hence legal.

What are its feature:

  • Music and Video Search: Just type the name of your favorite artists or album and start search. It is incredibly fast to search what you want. You can select the media type, whether music or video. You can also just click on the Artists button which brings up a list of genres and suggested artists. Once the list comes up, just click on any of the search results to start the download process.
  • Autoload: If you want to avoid clicking and downloading each file individually, then it is ideal for you. It makes full use of your Internet bandwidth to quickly build your media library by downloading the selected files one by one on its own. If you are a bit worried about your download bills from your ISP, then you can configure the number of files you wanna download, default is a huge..100.
  • Surf & Catch: This Tab lists links to many sites like Pandora,, MySpace, and YouTube. When you click on them, they are opened in your Internet Browser. As you surf these sites and play some file, that file is automatically downloaded onto your hard-disk. This feature also has links to some adult sites, so parents are advised to use the parental control feature here.
  • Built-in Player: Although it is just a basic media player, but still quite useful with all the basic features included.
  • CD Burner: It makes it a complete tool.
  • Ringtone Maker: This is the bonus feature. With the downloaded mp3 file, you can make cool ringtones for your mobile phones with just one click of your mouse button. You can download these to your mobile phones through WAP or through your hard disk.

The best part, which I liked about mp3videoraptor was the excellent quality of its downloads. It is really outstanding.

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