Update: Advertising on Web Tools and Tips does more sense now onwards, because it is now a PR3 blog.

Update II: This service is presently not available 

So, here is the first advertising opportunity on Web Tools and Tips.

The first thing you see, while loading any page from this blog is a bright blue horizontal strip, inviting you to book a text ad for yourself. This is possible through a nice WordPress plugin from http://www.maxblogpress.com/plugins/msa/.

This is the best place to advertise on this blog, because…

  • It is the first thing to load on any web page on this blog. Visitors see it first.
  • It is static. That is it remain on the top, even if you scroll down the page.
  • It is a text link ad, which have higher CTR than other type of images.
  • It is not in the sidebars, but at the top of everything.
  • And it is dirt cheap.

Right now, I have created five slots, which will rotate with every page load. Each slot will cost you just $5 per mo.

If you feel interested, than contact us.