[This is the second part of the two post series on how to speed up your Windows XP computer run faster. See the first part here.]

In the previous post we have suggested following tips for speeding up your XP computer.

  • Use Defragmentation
  • Disable file indexing
  • Use NTFS file system
  • Run Disk Clean
  • Empty Windows Prefetch folder
  • Run Spyware Removal

Going further, following are the additional tips, which will further improve the speed of your PC.

Remove unwanted software from your PC: After running your PC for few months / years, you may find that you have loaded a few software just for testing purpose or fun, and they are no longer in use. Some of them may be consuming a lot of your precious hard disk space, and some of them may even be residing in your RAM. You gotta remove them. You can do so from Control Panel > Add Remove programs.

Remove unwanted programs from Start up: There will also be many programs, which gets start up during the booting process. Most of them are memory resident programs, and consume your precious RAM space. Some of them you may find to be sitting in your system tray. Get rid of them. This can be done by clicking Start > Run and entering msconfig. In the resulting window, you can manage the services to be run at the start up. Besides increasing the speed, it will also reduce the Start up time of your PC considerably.

Turn off the fancy Windows XP graphics: If you love the cool and fancy look of Windows XP, then this tip is not for you. But if you are ready to sacrifice it for speed, then go ahead.

  • Click Start > Control Panel > System.
  • lick on the Advanced tab > Click the Settings button under Performance.
  • Select the ‘Adjust for best performance’ radio button, then Apply, and OK.

Clear Browsing History and Temporary files: If you are a consistent user of your web browser, then over a period, many unwanted Temporary Internet files, cookies, browsing history, your passwords etc. get accumulated in the memory, and is a drain on the PC resources. You can selectively delete them, specially the Temporary Internet files.

Following these tips, will surely improve your PC performance.

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