Pinging your Social Networking sites is a common activity done by most of the regular Internet users very often. If you are active on social networking sites like MySpace, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you know what I am talking about. These social networking sites have an option using which, you can do automatic pinging and update your profile status. I know many users, who do it many times in a day.

But, it takes lots of time. Can you imagine how time consuming it can be to ping sites one by one. Its really boring, and time consuming.

Thanks, there are a few services, which ping sites automatically for you.

1 Welcome to

It does a great job here.

You just have to get an account and enter your login information of different social networking sites. After that you can automatically ping sites with your current status just by pinging It will update your status on all the sites on its own. Simple.

2Although it looks promising, but I find getting the same job of pinging SN sites done easily with SocialThing equally easy, and it seems they are offering more features than is in BETA, and you need to have an invitation code to get an account.