In today’s corporate world, although there are many fast methods of communications like IM, emails etc. but still the importance of the age old Facsimile, or FAX in short is not dead. Facsimile is still the preferred mode of communication, when you want to keep the records of the communication made.

fax over web

But the spread of Internet has also affected the way we used to send and receive fax. Now, you no longer need a phone connection to send the fax. You can instead use Internet to send or receive Internet FAX.

How to send or receive FAX over web

There are many easy online web applications. Most of them charge you a price but some of them are free and allow you to communicate over FAX to a limited set of destinations.

One of them is the Phone Company, which allow you to send text messages and RTF files to most destinations in the world for free.

For it, you have to register an email address like


where “1234” is the destination fax number with the international code. You can insert the subject matter of your FAX in place of Line_1 and Line_2. This free Facsimile service is fast, easy and free and most importantly for me, covers many cities in India including Mumbai, Chennai and the NCR (Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad).

For US and Canada users, FAX is a nice service, which is an ad supported web-based fax service and delivers fax message upto three pages in length for free.