If you work on an office computer, which is shared by other users, then there may be some files, which you just want to hide from other users. There are many programs available on the Internet today, some are free while some require you to pay some fees, which allow you to encrypt your files o that they cannot be accessed by anybody else except you. There are other methods also to protect your files, which include protecting them with passwords. All these methods of protecting your privacy have their merits and demerits.

Here we present you a very simple tip, which require no use of any external program or web tool, but instead uses the options provided within the Windows XP operating system. This method is not a foolproof method of protecting your files, because anybody with a thorough understanding of Windows XP can get the access. It is like hiding the money under your mattress, money is there, if anybody is hell bound to search for it, he can get the access. However, the tip is simple, and easy.

How to hide important files and folders

First you have to create a folder and place all your sensitive files in it. This method will just make it invisible to others, although it will be there be available in your PC.

Right click where ever you want the invisible folder to be and select create a new folder.

invisible folder1
Right Click > Click Rename. Delete any name so that nothing is there in the name. Hold down ALT key and press 0160 on the number pad (make sure Num Lock is on).

invisible folder2

You will have a blank name. But a folder icon is still there, which can tell anybody that something is there.

To hide this icon, Right click the icon and select Properties.

 invisible folder3

Open the Customize tab.

 invisible folder4

Click on the Change Icon button and select an icon, which has no image.

 invisible folder 5

Hit OK and you are through.

invisible folder 6