Cookiepie foxfire addon firefoxGmail and other similar services use cookies to detect your online presence and automatically login you, if you so desire, to let you avoid the hassles of entering the username and passwords. This saves you couple of minutes and is very useful, if you are using the computer, which is not shared with others.

But, in many case, you want to have more than one such email accounts. But since, Gmail is saving cookies in your computer, it becomes difficult to use different accounts from the same computer, and you have to logout and login each time, you want to switch from one user to the other user. Once you get used to automatic login, it looks very cumbersome.

However, with CookiePie Extension, you can do it very easily.

What is CookiePie?

CookiePie is a Firefox extension, which enables you to maintain different cookies storage in different tabs and windows. After the download and installation of CookiePie, you have to use the tab’s context menu to enable CookiePie.