Recently my UPS, supplying power to my PC, gone faulty and I didn’t had a replacement, while it had gone for repair. Yesterday, while I was writing a report in MS Word, the electricity got interrupted and the file I was working on, got corrupted. When the power resumed and I started back, I was not able to access that file as it was corrupted due to sudden failure of power.

This was a new thing to me, because in my earlier PC, whenever such a thing happened, I was able to recover my corrupt file, thanks to the Autorecovery feature of MS Word. I was intrigued, why it has not happened this time.

On further exploration, I found that the autorecover feature, which is set to ON by default, was OFF in my machine. So, I decided to write a post on this so that the readers of this blog may not find themselves in a situation like me.

How to set the AutoRecover feature in Word:

autorecovery in MS Word

  • Go to Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click on the Save tab.
  • Check the “Save AutoRecover info every” check box.
  • Set the time to 5 minutes (or any time period as per your liking)
  • Click on OK, and you are through.
  • autorecovery in MS Word

But remember, Autorecovery function is not a replacement of Save function. For that you have to use the usual procedure, or Ctrl+S.