RSS is one of the most important tool in a Blogger’s arsenal. Whether it is being used to distribute your content to those not directly visiting your site, or reading others’ content without actually visiting them, RSS is a tool, which is truly indispensable in today’s online world.

There are lots of RSS Readers, but Google Reader is the preferred RSS Reader for most, including me.

And there is now yet another reason, behind it.

Welcome to AideRSS.

Despite tremendous usability of Google Reader, one thing, which I have always lamented about it is its inability to differentiate between good and bad, bad and worst..

There are hundreds and thousands of feeds available, and when you come across a new feed, you are always puzzled, whether to subscribe to it or not. Believe me, at one point of time, I was subscribed to about 200 of tech blogs, and it was quite a task to actually prune that list to fifty odd or so.

But now AideRSS provides a simple solution, at least for the first level screening.

AideRSS is a Firefox addon, [Get the invitation here ]which rates the feeds on a scale of 1 to 10, based upon several factors. They call it PostRank. It is actually based upon several factors like Diggs, comments, stumbles, reactions and a few more. So, now you have an option. If you find a feed with low PostRank, you can presume it to be not that good as a post with high PostRank. I know that the system is not foolproof, and the quality of a post is sometimes a personal observation, but still it is a decent tool to quickly screen the better ones from the average ones.

Besides, that, AideRSS also allows you to categorize different posts within a feed in different categories of Good, great and Best. Choose your option, and the posts matching your selection will only be visible to you. Rest will be hidden.

So, in nutshell,

  • Read What Matters: Identify best content with the help of PostRank™ in GoogleReader.
  • Filter Any RSS Feed: Adjust and filter any RSS feed – reclaim your time.
  • Hide Filtered Content: Find the needle in the haystack and boost your productivity.
  • Join the Conversation: View social statistics and join the best conversations with ease.

It is a real cool web tool. Use it to believe it.