Last time, when I transferred photos of the birthday party of my daughter from my digital camera to the PC, they were stored with a series of some unrecognizable names like DSCZ123 and so on. It was a pain to rename them one by one because there were about 85 of them.

It triggered me to search for an easier method, and lo… there was it.

Just select multiple files to whom you want to rename, right click the mouse and select Rename. In the Dialog box, type any name say abcde and click OK, then all the selected file will be renamed like abcde(1), abcde(2), abcde(3) and so on.

That’s what exactly I wanted. Now those photos are named as Birthday (1)…….to Birthday (85).

Yeah…..may the life would also have been that simple.

Bonus Tip: If you want that the names should start from a fixed number n, say Birthday(12), Birthday(13) and so on, you have to write Birthday (12) in place of only Birthday in the rename files dialog box.