Many times, you are on the move, or plane with your laptop and Internet connectivity is not available. To solve the problem, there are many offline browsers available in market, but your own Internet Explorer 6 or 7 in Windows XP can be easily used for offline browsing the web.

How to browse Internet offline:

First you have to save the web page in favorites, while you are online for later viewing.

Go to Favorites Menu > Add to favorites.

Click on the Make Available online check box.

offline browsing in internet exlorer

Now the web page will be saved in your computer’s memory. If you want all the pages linked to this web page also available while you are offline, then click the Customize button and specify the various levels. You can also specify the schedule by which the saved page should get updated from the original website.

Now when you want to browse the page in offline mode, go to File> Work Offline. And select the required website from the favorite menu.