If you want to share your digital photos online, there are basically two methods. Either you load them on a free image hosting and sharing service like Imageshack, Picasa or Flickr or alternatively by email attachments.

Web savvy people, may like the first method to share their images, but not web-savvy persons may still find them comfortable with emails as their sharing method for photo and images. But this method has some weakness. With the rapid advancements in technologies, the present day digital cameras take photos which are saved as large files, typically more than 1MB and sharing these photos as email attachment may be difficult if you have low speed Internet connections.

The following tip shows you how to shrink the photo or image file so as to fit that into your email as attachment.

With Windows XP, you can easily reduce the size of your image file and send them as email attachment.

  • Go to you My Pictures folder, where your photo is stored.
  • Select the photo. Tip: You can select multiple photos by holding Ctrl key down while selecting.
  • In the File and Folder Tasks pane on th eleft side, click E-mail this file (or E-mail this folder’s files, or E-mail the selected items if you chose more than one image).
  • In the next Dialog Box, select “Make all my pictures smaller option”.
  • Click on the Link “Show more options” to choose the size.
  • Click OK to continue. This will open your default email program where you can add the recipient name and other messages.

If, MS Outlook is your default email prgram, then you will not get the Dialog Box as shown in step 4 above. Instead Outlook will open a new email window, with your photos already selected as attachement. here you have to click the “Attachment Options” button. A side pane will open, where you have to look for the “Picture Options” and select the desired size.

The task is done.

Happy sharing your digital photos and images.