This blog has earlier written two posts on How to delete browser history, which you can find here and here.

These were helpful tips to use, if you are working on a shared computer, which is also used by others. But these tips can only work to erase your history as far as your use of Internt is concerned.

The history about your offline use, I mean whatever document files you have worked on, are stored in the My Recent Documents folder, and anybody using the computer after you can see, which files you have used last.

So, how to erase files from My Recent Documents

Follow these steps:

  • Right-click Start > Click Properties.
  • Click Customize < Advanced tab.
  • Under Recent documents, click Clear List, and save your settings.

This action doesn’t delete the documents from your PC.

There is another option. You can right click any document in the My Recent Document List and select Delete, but this will delete the document from your PC, which you may not like.