Passwords are your key to security. We have often advised against the use of weak passwords and not to repeat them at different websites and applications. But using strong passwords has its own inconveniences and hassles.

There are many instances when you may need to crack or recover a lost or forgotten passwords. For instance, an employee might have just left your company and that important client spreadsheet created by him last Friday had a password only known to him. Or you yourself had a locked an important Excel file with a strong password and you are not remembering it just because it is already six months back. Orone of your family members has put a not-so-easy password on your important file.

Or may be, you just want to break the Excel password of a colleague’s file.

We just found a nice tool to crack or recover passwords from Microsoft Excel Files with ease.Petri IT Knowledgebase Team has come out with an Excel Password recovery, which does the job of cracking Excel Passwords in a few clicks.

They have a useful step-by-step guide to help you out for recovering excel passwords. This guide outlines how to use a simple Excel password recovery application to crack lost or forgotten passwords, allowing you to unlock password-encrypted Microsoft Excel documents quickly as possible.