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Browsershot.org | Test website design in different browsers

As a webmaster, I often need to change the layout and designs of my blog so as to keep it interesting and easily accessible to my visitors. But howsoever care you take, there are always chances, that what your visitors see is not exactly what you are aiming at.

The reason being different people use different browsers, and although following one common language, are sometimes not able to exactly decipher the language, and hence organize the data in a different manner. Thus it is always possible that what you are seeing is not exactly same as what I am seeing, although we both may be on the same web page.

So, as a webmaster, it is extremely important for me, to test my website in all most of the browsers available.  So here comes the nest question.

How to test your web design in different browsers


One way is to load different browsers. Well it is technically possible, but it is not practical. I have four Browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, but there are virtually hundreds more. What to do then.

Welcome to Browsershot.org.

It is a useful web tool, where you just have to enter the URL of a website, and it will give screenshot of that URL in as many as 60 (YES 60) popular browsers.

Yes, it is a powerful web tool.

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Microsoft Office Live Basics | Free web hosting, domain name, web site design

This seems too good to be true.

Microsoft is offering you a free web site with Microsoft Office Live Basics. It is totally free service from Microsoft, which offers you…


  • A free domain name, registered in your name by an Australian affiliate.
  • Free web hosting, which includes 500 MB of Web site storage space, 10 GB monthly data transfer rate, 25 company-branded e-mail accounts, regulr backups and much more.
  • Easy-to-use Web site design tools, which will let you create your website in minutes
  • Web site reports to enable you measure the performance of you website
  • Search advertising tool with $50 credit (with terms and conditions)

Sounds too interesting. Yes it is.

So, what is the catch ?

Absolutely nothing. At least I could not find one. Only thing is that they also offer two types of premium accounts, which you might choose, if you want to access more features, or if your websites starts to get popular and grows big.

They require a credit card during the sign up process, which is not charged, until you choose to upgrade to their upgrade plans.

To give it a test ride, I also signed with them, and found the offer really interesting. The registration process is really simple, no deep knowledge of web designing or HTML coding is requried, and you can host images on the website.

There are a few things, which I wished, Microsoft would have added.

  • Number of available page templates.
  • Allow customization of the templates. In fact you cannot modify HTML or customize styles (CSS).
  • Seems like the uploaded images are converted by some conversion tool, because the quality of uploaded image is not that good as the original one, specially GIF and PNG images.
  • And if, in case, you want to switch the host, moving domain name can take a few days.

But still, for a really small website need, it is an option worth try.

BTW, did you started using the free useful tools from Google. If not, then

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Free Screen Sharing and Remote Access Web Tools

How many times it had happened that a person has got a PC problem and the expert is away at some remote location. First person is trying to explain the problem on phone, but not able to explain every detail, and wishes that it would have been better if he was able to share the screens live and the expert could have seen the action live, in front of his eyes.No issues, there are not one, but many applications for screen sharing.

These are all free, and besides rectifying the PC problems remotely, they can be used for collaborative working on with your friends and colleagues. They can also be used, if you want to access files on your PC from a remote location.

So, here we go,

Screen-Sharing and Remote-Collaboration Web tools

crossloop1. CrossLoop: Full functionality, simple and clean user interface and fast. I like it. Somewhere I read that it has been included in the best 10 downloads of the year, probably by CNET, (Update courtesy Techblissonline.com: PCWorld)

2. Mikogo: It uses industry-leading 256-AES end-to-end encryption and so is secure. It can be used by upto 10 persons simultaneously. Designed nicely, with a very user friendly platform.

3. TeamViewer: Full featured application. Many modes, the initiator can decide the level of sharing, whether full access or part. Data transfer is encrypted and secure.

4. Yuuguu: A useful application, for both Mac and Windows, and offers full functionalities of screen sharing, collaborative working and also remote access. It also has a chat functionality, which you can use while you are giving or taking help from somebody else. What’s more, it allows you to keep a record of all the conversation.

5. Unyte Lyte: A relatively simple web tool, which doesn’t offer any remote control feature. But a nice advantage is that you can itegrate it into your Skype client.

Besides, these screen sharing tools, there are other web tools also which give you remote access.

1. SoonR: It extends the remote access facility to your mobile also.

2. FolderShare: It supports both Windows and Mac. It si a free utility from Microsoft and with it you can share files upto 2GB in size. It has also been mentioned here.

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FolderShare : How to synch files and folders online

We recently posted about SyncTools, a web tools from Microsoft for synchronizing your files and folders saved on different PCs. SyncTool is a standalone program, and its drag and drop feature doesn’t require you to be hooked on to the Internet. But it requires manual intervention. Every time you want to synchronize your files and folders, you have to do it manually.

If it irritates you, try FolderShare

FolderShare works in the background. You don’t have to do anything. You just have to tell FolderShare website about which folders you want to synchronize. And you have to download FolderShare Satellite software on all your PCs you want to synchronize. Whenever your systems are online, they will automatically get updated in the background.

FolderShare also offers you to share your files and folders with others. From their website, you can send invitations to your friends to share your files.

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Two great firefox add-ons for web page designing

If you are looking for web tools for designing a web page without being an expert, you would most probably be analyzing the formatting, layouts and designs used by different websites. For this purpose firefox built-in feature “View > Page Source” comes very handy. This can also be activated using the the keyboard short-cut Ctrl+U. However this feature gives a complete source code of the page, which sometimes is not required and many not-so-expert web page designers can feel overloaded with the information.

If you are willing to see just the header information, which is highly important from the SEO point of view, then you may use these two great firefox add-ons.

1. X-Ray:

After the installation, it is available through right click or Tools menu. When used on a page, it helps you to see how the page is actually constructed without having switch between the source code and the web page.It nicely tells you, whether the list is made of li, dd or p elements? Is that an h3 tag or the text bold feature has been used. It is a must have for elementary web designers.

2. Professor X:

A similar web tool. It shows you all the files, and information lying between the <head> tags of the page. After downloading an application, it displays the contents of the page’s head element, including Meta, Script and Style content.

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