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Large File Sharing services that are not PANDO

Online File Sharing of large files is a thriving business these days. This segment is getting hotter and hotter these days with more and more companies getting their feet wet.

One such file sharing service, which I have been using, is Pando.

Pando is free P2P software that makes downloading, streaming and sharing of large media files fast. It allows you to share files upto size of 1GB FREE (pro version allows 2GB). You can also publish these files, photos, videos or audios to any web site.  No registration is required and you can use your existing email. And the best part is that you don’t have to be online when recipients download.

There are lots of reviews of Pando on the  web. One thing, which bother me about Pando is the Ads, coming with their FREE version. No, I accept their need to generate revenue, but the kind of ads – I mean those smileys, making different noises when you keep mouse over them, is just irritating.

Besides Pando, there are lots other services, which you can use for large file sharing. They have their own pros and cons. Some of them are mentioned below.

  • Box.net: Provides direct links to files. So you are not required to go to a landing page to get their download. Although they allow you to share files upto 1GB, but their FREE account allows only 10MB.
  • Drop.io: [See my review on Techie-Buzz.com] Offers built in previews. A simple and impressive interface. Doesn’t require any registration. Newly added features include free sending and receiving of faxes and voice recording. The free account has a 100MB storage limit.
  • Foldershare: [See my review here] Although it is primarily a File-synch utility from Microsoft, but it can easily be used as a file sharing service. Simple and easy to use.
  • File Dropper: Only two steps to using File Dropper, upload your file and share the URL. But not as feature rich as Drop.io. You cannot edit your files and you cannot allow others to add files or notes to your URL. But they allow you 5GB, capacity.
  • FileMail: Allows upto 2GB. No need for any registration.Facility of multiple file uploads. You can send URL from the same interface to the recipients email.
  • Windows Live SkyDrive: A service from Microsoft, huge 5GB of free storage space. It works on a folder-based system, and you can categorize the files in different folders like personal, shared, and public folders. But you need to have a WIndows Live ID in order to use SkyDrive.

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