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WP-Print | WordPress Plugin to allow printing blog posts

wordpress plugin, WP-printWordPress is simply great.

Besides providing the best SEO features, the type of flexibility it provides through its plugins, is simply unmatched by any other blogging platform.

The latest plugin found be my, is WP-Print, which allows your readers to get a print ready version of any of your post, with a simple click of a mouse. This plugin is specially useful for blogs, which regularly post articles about How-Tos and Tuotrials.

It will create a printable version of your posts by using its own CSS file, and it will automatically launch the printable page when the user clicks on the “Print this” link that you will insert on your blog. If you want to see a live example of WP-Print wordpress plugin, you can visit the Pick The Brain blog.

A nice useful plugin.

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Find most popular post on your WP blog with Popularity Contest Plugin

One of the first few WordPress plugins, which I installed on Webtoolsandtips is Popularity Contest plugin by Alexking.

It is a useful tool to give ratings to individual posts based upon various factors like, most viewed, most commented, feed views etc. There is a weightage factor assigned to each of these parameters and then the overall marking is found out.

The highest ranking post is assigned a popularity percentage of 100% and rest of the posts are assigned popularity percentages in reference to the highest ranked post. You will see the popularity index of each individual post by looking at the end of each post.

This ranking percentage changes dynamically according to each page view. For instance recently, the popularity of one of my post on LinkChecker was 90% and I got this.

Now you may be able to understand that better.

The Popularity Contest plugin is available courtesy of AlexKing at his WordPress Plugins page.

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