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How to Open Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

I love Firefox, the browser.

I love Firefox due to its speed, its usability, its versatility, its addons and its user friendly approach.

Here is another reason for you to start using firefox browser. It gives you the ability to make more than one webpage as your homepage. For instance, if you want that whenever you start your browsing session, the first pages you see are your emails, your blog comment page, your adsense page and your analytics page, then you can setup your firefox browser to open all of them in different tabs automatically when you first open the firefox.

Go to Tools > Options.

In the Main Tab, you will see the field Homepage. Here you can enter as many webpage addresses as you want. These webpages must be separated by a pipeline “|” character. and save your settings.

If you don’t want to write each and every address manually, then use the “Use current pages” button. It will all the currently open pages in your firefox browser to the homepage field for you.

A simple, but really useful tip, which saves me 2-3 crucial minutes, and lots of hassles.

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