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Orb24 | A decent, if not best "Free File Sharing Program"

1 If you are looking for a FREE File Sharing Program, then there are many options available today. Just search for “free file sharing websites“and you will find lots of sites, which promise you to be the best. Some are really cool and useful, while some are crap. But Orb24, a newly launched file sharing site, is really worth taking a look at.

Welcome to Orb24

What I like most in Orb24

The best part of Orb24 is its neat organization of different file types. It stores different file types in a neatly organized way, and it is very convenient to find and share these file. Yet another feature, which is lacking in many other file sharing services, is the different file types supported. This free file sharing utility even allows you to convert old video tapes, slides and film prints to DVD and save them on their website. You are given a personal account, which you can access any time to share files online and access them.

They also provide a Search facility on their website, which you can use to search videos over the web and store them at your account. It is not just a FREE file sharing service. But I find it to be a complete backup and online storage solution. It’s got everything email, integrated search bar, conversion, backup, inventory tools, and media galleries.

This is FREE upto 1GB. For an upgraded account of 6GB, you need to shell out some money.

best online file sharing site

What can you do with Orb24, the free file sharing program

  • My Videos: Add video files and share them
  • My Photos : Add Image files and share them
  • Convert Old Videos to DVD
  • Store, Access and edit your personal and business documents.
  • Search Internet for videos that interest you and add to your Orb24 Library.
  • Search for any Photos, Document or Video within your account
  • Use your orb24 Email address (username@orb24.com) to send and receive emails from friends and family.
  • Upload MP3 files and enjoy your music playing while using Orb24.
  • Keep a record of your current and past medications and medical history

This is really cool. Use orb24, the best file sharing program, well almost.

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Microsoft Office Live Basics | Free web hosting, domain name, web site design

This seems too good to be true.

Microsoft is offering you a free web site with Microsoft Office Live Basics. It is totally free service from Microsoft, which offers you…


  • A free domain name, registered in your name by an Australian affiliate.
  • Free web hosting, which includes 500 MB of Web site storage space, 10 GB monthly data transfer rate, 25 company-branded e-mail accounts, regulr backups and much more.
  • Easy-to-use Web site design tools, which will let you create your website in minutes
  • Web site reports to enable you measure the performance of you website
  • Search advertising tool with $50 credit (with terms and conditions)

Sounds too interesting. Yes it is.

So, what is the catch ?

Absolutely nothing. At least I could not find one. Only thing is that they also offer two types of premium accounts, which you might choose, if you want to access more features, or if your websites starts to get popular and grows big.

They require a credit card during the sign up process, which is not charged, until you choose to upgrade to their upgrade plans.

To give it a test ride, I also signed with them, and found the offer really interesting. The registration process is really simple, no deep knowledge of web designing or HTML coding is requried, and you can host images on the website.

There are a few things, which I wished, Microsoft would have added.

  • Number of available page templates.
  • Allow customization of the templates. In fact you cannot modify HTML or customize styles (CSS).
  • Seems like the uploaded images are converted by some conversion tool, because the quality of uploaded image is not that good as the original one, specially GIF and PNG images.
  • And if, in case, you want to switch the host, moving domain name can take a few days.

But still, for a really small website need, it is an option worth try.

BTW, did you started using the free useful tools from Google. If not, then

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KompoZer | Free web tool for web page creation

Which is the most popular web tool for web page designing.

The answer is easy Adobe’s Dreamweaver and Microsoft’s FrontPage will definitely rule the roost. There have been a plenty of other applications also, but not very promising.

compozer, free web page creation web tool

Recently, a new Mozilla based web authoring tool KompoZer has been released, which is free heir to the Mozilla Composer legacy and updated for today’s technology.

If you used Internet way back in 2003, you would remember that Mozilla used to ship the Mozilla Application Suite, which comprised of a browser, email/news client, IRC chat client, and HTML page editor. Later on, the first three components were started to get shipped as individual applications in the form of Firefox, Thunderbird, and ChatZilla. However the last component was sort of discontinued. The same platform has been used for KompeZer. It is available for download for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

For the creation of a web page in Kompozer, you don’t have to delve deep into coding etc. Web page creation is just like writing a word document; simple text inputting, copy paste, insert images and you are through. It also has a built-in FTP client and a CSS editor.

Overall, a nice free web page creator for novices.

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