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Easy file encryption in Windows XP

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File Encryption is a process by which you convert the contents of a file so as to make them unreadable to others, unless permission is granted to them. There are many ways, utilities, software codes available for file encryption, some are free and some bear a price tag depending upon the complexity and features.

But many people don’t know that their own, Windows XP has a feature by which you can easily encrypt a file and make it unusable to the other users of the PC. But you need to have the file system converted to NTFS for this method to work.

How to Encrypt a File in Windows XP

Follow these simple steps.

  • Open Windows Explorer and right click on the icon of the file or folder to be encrypted.
  • Click on the Advanced button on General tab.

  • Check the Encrypt contents to secure data check box, and then click OK.

  • Save your settings, and you are through.

This will disallow other users to open the file and also restrict them from moving or copying the file to other locations.

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