What is is a rogue website, which is used by the promoters of System Security Suite, which is a rogue security software and a scam. is promoted by Trojan malware like Vundo, which penetrates your security and changes your browser settings causing you to loose control over what you actually visit through your browser. “” tries you to sell System Security software.

As soon as you visit, you might see some animated scan results, which is nothing but fake screens, telling you that you are infected with lots of malware. Thus it uses scary tactics to sell its rogue application.

Please do not fall in its trap.

If you are repeatedly seeing the annoying pop-ups which show you fake screens and tell you that your system is infected with several malware and spyware, chances are your system is already infected. Your browser may have been hijecked and websites like may be opening on their own trying to sell you the software.

We suggest you to use a specialized software like Spyware Doctor to get rid of

Automatic Removal of

If you are already infected with the malware spread by this website, you can try to follow the manual instructions for the removal of System Security from your system.

Removal and blocking of is absolutely necessary for the removal of System Scurity. Blocking will also lead to the removal of annoying popups from, which you might be getting shown repeatedly, if you are infected with this malware.