What is Scan5new.com

Scan5new.com is a website with malicious intents. The purpose of this website is to market a rogue security software Internet Antivirus Pro 2009 and trick you into purchase of it.

If you are seeing repeated pop-ups, or your browser is automatically being redirected to the website Scan5new.com, chances are that creators of this malicious website have been successful in injecting malicious codes into your system. Your browser may have been hijacked and serious irrevocable achanges have been made to your system files, which can damage your system.

Please bear in mind that Internet Antivirus Pro 2009, which is promoted by several rogue websites like Scan5new.com, is a rogue security software and can harm your computer instead of cleaning it.

We suggest you to use a specialized software like Spyware Doctor to get rid of Scan5new.com.

Automatic Removal of Scan5new.com

Follow the instructions given on this site to Remove Internet Antivirus PRo 2009. Internet Antivirus Pro 2009 is a deadly fake Antospyware software, which has infected millions of computers worldwide.

If you want the removal of Internet Antivirus Pro 2009 from your system, then the blocking of Scan5new.com website and its annoying popups is absulutely necessary.