Instant messaging (IM) and chat are technologies that facilitate near real-time text-based communication between two or more participants over a network. Windows Live Messenger is the most popular IM client today with 294 million active worldwide.

Language plays a major role in any form of communication and Instant Message Language is an important factor behind the popularity of an IM client. This is the reason why QQ, used mostly in China, is probably the largest used Instant Messaging Client in the World, but most of us do not know about it.

But I just discovered a new Web 2.0 startup, which breaks the Instant Message Language Barriers and allows you to receive Instant Message in your preferred language.

Welcome to MeGlobe


Convert Instant Message Language with MeGlobe The free web client of MeGlobe lets you type in your own language, but sends a translated version, in real time, specific to the native tongue of whomever you are chatting with. Use of MeGobe is super easy, no downloads are required, you don’t need to install anything. Just register with them and start using this Instant Message Translation service.

But where is the Web 2.0 part here ?

It is interesting. They have made this IM language converter user driven. They acknowledge that it is very difficult every time to correctly translate the emotions with a machine. And so they have built in a feature, which allows you to edit the translation. These IM language edits are remembered by MeGlobe, thus making it better and better.

These contributions are used to teach MeGlobe™ to become a better translator. Every correction from the community brings us closer to our goal of erasing the borders of language. Creating a universal translator has huge potential, but requires lots of work. By no means has it been perfected, but with your help we’re getting better every day.