Email marketing is hugely popular method of making money online despite the fact that email client software are getting smarter day by day to catch the spam. Actually spamming the mail boxes, is not that profitable today, as compared to white-hat method of opt-in list building, where the webmasters actually give some freebies and lure the visitors to sign up for their newsletters. These newsletters are used later on to send targeted information about the affiliated products. But creating and maintaining a email list is a huge task for today’s Internet marketers.

Here comes the basic question.

How to verify email address ?

Email Address Verification is a basic task required for email marketing. The prime motives behind the process of verification of email address are….

verify email address 

  • To verify email address lists, with a purpose to remove duplicate entries and invalid or expired addresses.
  • Verification of the email address for their syntax, DNS and SMTP
  • Creation of your own own rules to fine-tune verification
  • Trying to verify the geographical location of the sender of the email.

There are many email verification software programs available in the market, which give you a comprehensive solution to your question about How to verify an email address. But here we present you three FREE online basic tools, which let you validate email address so as verify if an email address is valid, properly formatted and really exist.

However be warned.

Giving an email address to such an online program, may sometimes be harmful, because who knows the real motives of the developers of these online email address verification tools.