RapidShare is a arguable oldest and the best free file hosting and sharing service, where you can upload your files and folders to retreive at a later date, from any location. RapidSahre can also be conveniently used to share your files and folders with others.

RapidShare is a German website, where you can upload a file for free. After uploading, it is gives you a URL, which on clicking, starts a download session and you can retreive that file. If you send this link to somebody else, then that person can also download that file.

Thousands of people daily submit and store their files and RapidShare. Now, if you want to search and use the files and folders uploaded by other people, you have to have the exact download link.

How to search for the rapidshare files download links

There are many search engines for rapidshar files available on Internet. They try to match the keywords in the rapidshare download links and brings out the best possible results. All these search engines are free and are of great utility.

Some of them are as given below.