As a webmaster, I often need to change the layout and designs of my blog so as to keep it interesting and easily accessible to my visitors. But howsoever care you take, there are always chances, that what your visitors see is not exactly what you are aiming at.

The reason being different people use different browsers, and although following one common language, are sometimes not able to exactly decipher the language, and hence organize the data in a different manner. Thus it is always possible that what you are seeing is not exactly same as what I am seeing, although we both may be on the same web page.

So, as a webmaster, it is extremely important for me, to test my website in all most of the browsers available.  So here comes the nest question.

How to test your web design in different browsers


One way is to load different browsers. Well it is technically possible, but it is not practical. I have four Browsers, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, but there are virtually hundreds more. What to do then.

Welcome to

It is a useful web tool, where you just have to enter the URL of a website, and it will give screenshot of that URL in as many as 60 (YES 60) popular browsers.

Yes, it is a powerful web tool.