What is Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames

Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames is a family of threats consisting of password stealers that are aimed at stealing log-in information from online gamers. Online game accounts are then plundered and/or sold for a profit. Popularly targeted games include World of Warcraft and Legend of Mir. Win32.TrojanPWS.OnlineGames is a Trojan that focuses mainly on stealing login information for online games by monitoring keystrokes and sending them to a remote host.

This threat copies its file(s) to your hard disk. Its typical file name is Win32.TrojanPWS.OnlineGames. Then it creates new startup key with name Win32.TrojanPWS.OnlineGames. You can also find it in your processes list with name or Win32.TrojanPWS.OnlineGames.


What is Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent

Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent is a generic family for Trojans that download additional families on an infected system. A Trojan is a program that appears to do one thing but actually does another.

Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.AD trojan is one of Downloader spywares.
Finding it on your computer means that your computer is infected with Downloader and crucial data could be endangered or even lost.This Downloader is also known as:

  • Dialer.LS – named by Panda.
  • TrojanDownloader.Win32.Agent.ad – named by Kaspersky.

Do I need to remove Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent

You can yourself search your computer manually, but it is not recommended unless you are a tech-geek. To save time and effort, we recommend you to download a FREE Scanner.

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How to Uninstall Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent scam

The best way for the removal of Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent is to install a good quality Anti-spyware Program and scan your system for any Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent infections.

Automatic removal of Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent is always good and complete as compared to any attempts to manually remove Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent, which may sometime lead to erroneous results. If you are not completely aware of all the files and registry entries used by this rogue anti-spyware, then we do not recommend you to attempt for the manual removal of Win32.TrojanPWS.Onlinegames and Win32.TrojanDownloader.Agent.

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