What is Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec

Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec is a program that typically purports to be a needed upgrade to Windows Media Player in order to view adult oriented videos on certain websites. However, Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec actually downloads and installs additional malware on the user’s machine.

Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec often silently downloads and installs rogue security programs,but may install other malware as well.

If you have got any trace of Trojan-Downloader.Zlob.Media-Codec on your system, we recommend that you take immediate steps to remove it from your system.

A Trojan Downloader is a program typically installed through an exploit or some other deceptive means and that facilitates the download and installation of other malware and unwanted software onto a victim’s PC. A Trojan Downloader may download adware, spyware or other malware from multiple servers or sources on the internet.

Do I need to remove xxxxx

You can yourself search your computer manually, but it is not recommended unless you are a tech-geek. To save time and effort, we recommend you to download a FREE Scanner.

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