What is AV5Scan.com

AV5Scan.com is a rogue website, which claims that it can scan your PC free of cost. The concept of a free scan of your pc is a useful concept because it compliments your Security Software already installed on your machine and thus bolsters your Internet Security.

But the fat is something else in the case of AV5Scan.com. This website has been designed and developed to steal your money and infect your system with malware and spyware.

As soon as you start the scanning of your system with AV5Scan.com, it tells you that you have many instances of malware installed on your system. It then offers you to clean your system with Internet Antivirus PRo, a rogue security software.

We recommend you to stay clear of all this scam.

Technical Details of AV5Scan.com

  • Full name: AV5Scan.com.com, 5ScanAV.com
  • Date Appeared: July 2008
  • Characteristic: Rogue security website
  • URL: http://AV5Scan.com

Do I need to remove effects of AV5Scan.com

If you have run a scan of your system with AV5Scan.com, then there are fair chances that this website has been able to insert malicious code into your system.

If it is the case, then we would suggest you to first of all scan your system with a good and reputed Antispyware software. To save time and effort, we recommend you to download a FREE Scanner.

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Free Scanner to Remove Effects of AV5Scan.com


How to Uninstall GoMyScan.com scam

In case, you have gone ahead and have installed the rogue antispyware Internet Antivirus PRo, then we would suggest you to take immediate action for the removal of Internet Antivirus Pro, because it is a deadly malware and has the potential to cause serious harm to your system.

We have already published a detailed guide on how to remove Internet Antivirus pro from your system.

Free Scan for Internet Antivirus Pro