Paul Boutin at a Tech Blog on New York Times has carried a controversial post Five Controversial Ways to Speed Your PC.

Paul has apparently been using Norton 360 for protecting his systems from Online Security threats and has experienced a lot of slowdown in the system performance.

Symantec Norton 360 spent so much time trying to protect me from problems I’ll never have that it dragged my Toshiba’s performance to a crawl. I tried turning it off, but it kept rising from the dead. So I uninstalled it. Instant speed boost. I blame my fellow journalists for overhyping the threat of online viruses and malware.

This advice may have some serious repurcussions. I do not say that it is a rash suggestion, Paul definitely must have given a serious thought before writing it. But my view is that Internet Security is not something, which you can compromise at any cost.

It is something like somebody advicing that do not vaccinate your child because he may catch fever. If you want to boost your system performance, there are other ways. You just look over on the Internet, and you will find there are lots of settings in your system, which you can tweak to enhance the system performance.

If they sound too geek to you, then you can consider some light-weight Internet Security Software. There are some great light-weight Security Software, which can almost so a similar job as done by high-priced security software. And some of them are free also.

But advicing to just uninstall your security, is something I cannot agree upon.