safe internet surfing with sandboxieImportance of Safe Internet Browsing

Internet is an interesting place. On one hand it is a treasure of information, where you get as much information as you have time, energy and patience, but on the other hand it is a complete jungle out there, where all sorts of malware and rogues are wandering just to attack you and your system with their evil designs.

A single click, a single visit to a rogue website is enough to infect you with some of the most severe malware threats and fry your system.

The situation becomes more scary once you understand that no Internet security software is perfect in its own respect. The very process of the development of security software, antiviruses and antispyware, where first the threat is detected and understood and then its vaccines are incorporated in the security software, makes these software one step behind the malware developers.

How to Browse Internet Safely in such a situation

It is always true that your cautious and safe approach while Internet surfing is more important then purchasing thousands of dollars of security software. Just make it a habit to pause for a second before clicking on a link, and think; do you really want to go to the target page and also; are you sure about where this click will lead you.

Believe me, if you could spare this one second and answer these two questions before every click, it will provide you better security while browsing Internet, then any security software can provide.

Having said that, today we wanna let you know about a neat tool Sandboxie, which can do a great deal to allow you safe Internet browsing.

How Sandboxie allows you Safe Internet Surfing

Sandboxie is a tiny [less than 0.5MB]  software, which creates a virtual space within your system and allows you to  run your web browser, email client or any other program without leaving any trace in the rest of your system. The applications running within this space are not allowed to make any alterations to the rest of your system until you specifically order for that.

Even if you download and install some files from Internet, they are kept safeguarded within this protected area. If you want you can always store in the unprotected area.

When you leave or close Sandboxie, just make a right click on the Sandboxie icon in your system tray. It will give you an option to delete all changes made in the Sandbox, select that option and your system is free from all traces.

Sandboxie is also a good playground for more tech-savvy computer users. They can run any application within its controlled environment and see, what changes it is trying to make to your system.

Sandboxie provides just an option to you. You are free to run the application or Browse normally or within sandbox. When you run the application within the sandbox, a hash sign (#) appears in the beginning and at the end of the Title bar of your Application Window to let you know that you are running the application in the sandbox. See the screenshot.

safe internet browsing




Is Everything so Good about Sandboxie

But, there are a few things also which I do not like about Sandboxie.

The first is that although it is a free application,certain functions of Sandboxie such as usage of multiple sandboxes are restricted in the free unregistered version of Sandboxie. After a 30 day period, users of the unregistered free version will encounter popups advising the user to register (buy) the product when loading. Pretty annoying.

The second issue is that many people have reported system crashes when using Sandboxie for safe Internet browsing. Although I didn’t experience any such thing.

The third point is that of slow speed. I felt a noticeable drop in the speed of my Internet browsing. The other applications also took a little more time to load. I do not know, it may be due to a meagre 1GB RAM of the system on which I tried it.

Despite some of the shortcomings, I personally like it and recommend using it sometimes, specially when you are not sure about what you are surfing on the Internet.

Download Sandboxie