OpenDNS is a great tool for getting the best FREE Internet Security while increasing your browsing speed at the same time. Setting your browser and Internet connection to use OpenDNS is absolutely easy and we recommend you to start using this service for your Internet Security.

But, what actually is DNS ?

DNS is an acronym for Domain Name Server, located generally with your ISP. When you type a URL address in your browser address bar, say, it propagates to the DNS, where it gets translated into the IP address where the files on my site are located. Your browser then downloads those files to show you the content of my website.

Ok, then what is OpenDNS ?

OpenDNS is a service which allows you to bypass your ISP’s DNS and query the servers of OpenDNS for IP address retrieval. IT is absolutely free.

Fine, but why should I use Open DNS ?

Simple because it is more safe, more speedier and increase your Internet Security.

best free interenet security

Actually, the servers of OpenDNS use their cache to serve you the desired page faster. Whenever any other OpenDNS user opens a webpage, a copy of it gets stored in their cache, and when another user seeks that page, this data gets downloaded at a faster speed. Although it is only a marginal improvement in the speed, but still it matters, specially if your ISP’s DNS is not performing at optimum speed.

But the best part is not the speed, but the Free Internet Security provided by OpenDNS. Before serving your request for the IP address, OpenDNS checks the URL in its constantly updated database of phishing and malware sites, for any potential forgery. It uses data from Phishtank, a community site that is also used by Yahoo! Mail to determine if some particular website is part of any online phishing scam. When it founds it safe, then only OpenDNS serves a query, otherwise it blocks the website.

Great, How do I actually use OpenDNS?

The configuration is easy. You have to configure your Internet Connection settings as given on OpenDNS website. After you make the necessary settings, do not forget to restart your Internet connections and browser window to let the settings execute properly.

Is there anything Else ?

This is not all. There are many more things you can do with OpenDNS. Free Internet security, is provided to you without registering with OpenDNS. But if you prefer to register with OpenDNS, lots of other services are also provided to you. For instance, you can block adult websites to be accessed from your computers. You can assign shortcuts to access your favorite and frequently visited websites. Furthermore, if you wrongly type a popular website address or omit a few characters, OpenDNS might recognize the mistake and open the Google Search results with the possible suggestions. You can also configure OpenDNS to your networks and routers so as to give you an extended access to the filtering of the content on the network.

If it is so useful, why OpenDNS is free ?

OpenDNS is Free for its users. But when you encounter a blocked website, you actually are redirected to some pages, where you may find ads and sponsored entries. OpenDNS actually makes money from that. And you will be surprised to know the money involved here. It is estimated that they are making more than $20k per day from this useful service providing you the best free Internet security, just because of the millions of queries served by them each day.

Configuration of OpenDNS may be one of your single most important steps towards getting the best free online security.

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