Using Remote Access Features allows you to work in an collaborative environment. It is an effective way to extend support for the Computer Support Professionals, as it allows them to access the client computers from remote locations.

But Allowing Remote Access Connections on your computer has its fair share of disadvantages. It allows other machines to access your computer, and sometimes that can be done to your disadvantage and without your knowledge.

It you care for the privacy and data security it is extremely important that you exercise complete control over all the remote access connections allowed from your computer.

Remote Access Monitor is a freeware application, which allows you to monitor if any remote connection is detected. This application monitors your machine and alerts you when a remote process is detected. This means you can keep an eye on people accessing your machine using applications such as Remote Desktop, Terminal Services or a management console. On install, the monitor is automatically added to your Start-up applications list, which means it will automatically start scanning when you start your computer.

A nice useful tool.