ransomewareVundo is a Trojan Horse, which is responsible for pushing an advertising lots of scareware and rogue antispyware software like Antivirus 360, WinPC Defender etc.

What are Scareware or Rogue Antispyware

If you are wondering, let us tell you that as soon as these scareware software gets entry into your system, they start yelling that your system is infected with all sorts of malware and spyware infections and you need to take urgent actions to remove them. They take the help of fake alarm messages, fake animation windows which look like as if the program is actually scanning your computer and browser hijacking to convince you that your system is infected.

The purpose is to make you convince that you rsystem is infected and the only option it gives is that you have to purchase the full licnsed version of the advertised rogue anti-spyware software.

The fact is that the purchased software actually does nothing to protect you from malware. You are complacent of buying a good quality security software, but actually you are not protected and vulnerable to all sorts of Internet threats.

Scareware changing to RansomeWare

But it has been reported that Vundo is now chaning its tactics and becoming more and more aggressive in nits approach. Vundo has now started pushing software, which encrypt your user files and then it starts demanding money blatantly to let you decrypt these files. This means that you will not be able to use your files anymore unless you pay that amount to these rogues.

FireEye has had an extensive coverage of the issue.