Browser Hijacking is a common practise among the rogue security software to infect user’s computers with malware.

Recently, one of my colleague sent me this screenshot.


It is the screenshot of a Browser in a computer, which is already infected with the fake security software named as Antivirus 360. If you are not knowing, it is one of the most serious rogue security software threats, infecting thousands of computers each day. Antivirus 360 tries all sorts of tricks to scare you that your system is infected w ith many instances of malware and viruses and the only way to clean your computer is to buy the full licensed version of it.

To convince you, it uses fake scan result screens, which appear to be a genuine scanning of your system but actually is nothing but a mere animation.

One of the interesting tactics is the use of so-called Google Tips. Antivirus 360 hijacks the browser so that whenever the user foes to a popular search engine like Google, a Tip is shown below the Search Box, which tries to sell the rogue software to you.

The idea is that an average user will always beleive on Google. If the advice is coming from Google, then it must be followed. Period.

But, remember, there is nothing like Google Tips, at least, not released till date. If you are seeing any such window, then you sure are infected with Antivirus 360.