It has now been confirmed.

In a recent study, folks from Google, IBM and Communication Systems Group in Switzerland, have discovered that more than 40% of all the Internet users are exposed to malware risks because of unsafe browsers. Only 60% of the Internet users bother to update their browsers with the latest patches and plugins, which help them avoid the malware attacks.

Out of these 60%, majority are using Mozilla Firefox, as expected. As many as 83% of Firefox users keep their browsers up-to-date. While Internet Explorer users are the lazy people, and only 48% actually update their browsers. Part of this fact is because of the painless process, with which patches gets searched and loaded in Firefox. It’s automatic like breeze. You even don’t really have to bother to update your Firefox.

Firefox downloads updates automatically and prompts the user to install them immediately. If the user declines the update, the patches are installed the next time the browser is started. Opera checks for a new version on startup, but requires the user to manually download and re-install the browser. Safari relies on an external Apple-updater that checks for new updates at regular intervals, and IE is updated roughly once every 30 days, when Microsoft issues patches on the second Tuesday of the month.

What I feel is that this figure of 60% is also a bit high, if we take into account all different types of plugins and applications used by modern browsers. I have my own doubts, that if we consider the updation of all plugins including Flash Player, Java, QuickTime, Adobe Reader etc., this figure will be much less.

What do you think ?

There are many other interesting facts and figures. If you are interested, then follow this link to read the complete report of the study (PDF).