log wen trafficMonitoring of logs of Web or Internet traffic works a great deal in helping you get a clear picture of which programs are accessing Internet from your computer. Logging Web Traffic in your computer helps you to

  1. Identify the presence of any spyware or malware script running, which might be sending sensitive data to its masters or participating in a botnet attack.
  2. Helps you save huge Internet Bandwidth bills
  3. Improves your browsing and downloading speeds thus improving your overall efficiency

Internet Content Logger – A freeware Tool to Log Web Traffic

There are many tools to log internet traffic available. Some are free and some are more feature rich, but paid. Internet Content Logger is a freeware tool, which can fulfill the needs of an average computer user. It captures all of the Incoming and Outgoing Internet traffic from various applications installed in yourc omputer and saves that data in your hard disk for careful analysis and observation.

This data is neatly categorized and you can go through it easily to get meaningful insights into the web traffic. Internet Content Logger works on the system level, and supports nearly all know Internet related programs. The Internet content for each program is saved in its individual log file. The content log files also are separated by date and by computer users.

A useful tool for your Internet Security.

[Download Internet Content Logger]