Apart from Phishing, Keyloggers are one of the key factors contributing to the rise of cases of Identity theft in recent times. Keyloggers are not the old hardware types anymore, which could easily be spotted by a careful visual inspection of your computer wires and cables.

Today’s keyloggers are smart. They have the capabilities to hide themselves deep into your software applications and operate from there. And they are easy to install and control for a remote person, thanks to some careless attitude of many of the victims.

How to check, if your computer already has a Keylogging Software installed?

Many of the Security Software suites available today are able to detect most of the common keylogging software. As soon as some keylooger is attempted to be installed on your system, your security suite warns you about that and you can take appropriate action.

But, are you sure that your security software is capable of identifying keylogging activities? There is a simple test software available from Zemana, which lets you simulate a keylogger on your computer. You can download it absolutely free and run it on your computer. If your security software is able to detect it, then you may be confident about the effectiveness of that against keyloggers, otherwise it is time to have a second look at your choice of security software.

My Testing of Zemana

I have been using Norton 360 on my Laptop and it was not able to intercept this keylogging simulator software. But at the same time, I am also using KeyScrambler, which encrypts the data you enter through your keyboard. I was happy to note that all the text, which Zemana Keylogging Simulator could cpature was the encrypted text and not the actual keystrokes.

Thus, KeyScrambler was actually performing its job quite effectively and I was protected against such Keylogging activities.

Nice tool, and I recommend you to give it a try to test, if any keylogger is installed onto your system. You never know, when huge surprise start staring on your face.

[Download Zemana Keylogging Simulator Test]