identity-theft-protectionProtection against the cases of identity theft is an issue, which is gaining huge importance in this Internet era. With the ever increasing number of cases of identity theft and newer methods being devised, this issue becomes extremely important.

And remember, Identity theft is something, which is not always online. The data stored within your PC is also extremely vulnerable.

The Common Causes of Identity Theft

The most common causes of identity theft cases is the use of weak passwords. Repeat use of the same passwords on different websites, indiscriminate clicking on every other URL you find in your email or falling prey to phishing attempts are some of the other common causes of identity theft. If you are careful enough in your online behavior, you can easily protect yourself against most of the identity theft attempts.

But even if you are careful enough, there are always chances that your computer stores some important information about your personality, which can easily be used against you. You may have stored that in some files, or shared through emails or chats, or hidden in browser cookies, browser password managers or somewhere else. There are virtually hundreds of such places, where you might have stored your personal data, and now have forgotten.

This data may include…

  • Social Security Numbers
  • Individual taxpayer numbers
  • Credit and debit card information
  • Bank account information
  • Passwords/pins
  • Dates of Birth
  • National Insurance Numbers (United Kingdom)
  • National Health Service Number (United Kingdom)
  • Tax File Numbers (Australia)
  • Social Insurance Numbers (Canada)

How to Find Such Data, which is extremely vulnerable for Identity Theft?

It might be extremely difficult to find such data. You cannot imagine to find that manually and you need specialized tools to search such data which is extremely vulnerable to your identity. Remember, it may be difficult for you, but hackers and malware developers know exactly where to search and how to search, if they want to launch an identity theft against you.

Thankfully, there is a useful utility just for the case.

Identity Finder is an application, which can search all hidden locations of your computer, which are not easily accessible to average computer user, and find all such vulnerable data. It is capable of searching following locations.

  • Home and office files or any other file type
  • Compressed files
  • E-mails and message attachments
  • Contacts and calendar entries
  • Databases (SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.)
  • Internet and intranet Websites
  • Web browser hidden storage areas such as auto-complete fields (i.e., passwords and form data)
  • Web pages and cookies
  • Instant messenger logs
  • Windows registry
  • and much more

Once it finds something, it allows you to quickly encrypt and secure your personal data and keeps you protected from any such identity theft attempt.

Identity Finder is a free application for download. But the free version has only limited features. If you want to use all the features of Identity Finder, then you will have to buy its paid versions.

Download Identity Finder