If you are a Network Administrator for even a medium sized computer network, it is extremely important to monitor connected devices and have a watch over their activities from a security point of view.

Network Scanner, from Lizard Systems, is an IP scanner for monitoring connected devices and scanning both large corporate networks with hundred thousands of computers and small home networks with several computers. The program can scan both a list of IP addresses or computers and ranges of IP addresses. The number of computers and subnets is not limited.

Features of Network Scanner from Lizard Systems

  • Easy to use. Even an inexperienced user will be able to scan the network with just several mouse clicks.
  • Good performance. The program uses multi-threaded scanning. The network scan rate achieves thousands of computers per minute.
  • Scalability. You can scan either several computers from the list or whole subnets the number of which in the list is not limited.
  • Customizable computer status check. The program checks if the computer is on/off not only with a ping, but also with a connection to the ports specified by the user.
  • Retrieving the NetBIOS or domain computer name (defined by the user).
  • You will see all available computer resources. Not only getting NetBIOS resources, but also scanning for FTP and web servers.
  • Network resource audit. The program will check access rights to resources (read/write) both for the current user and for any specified user.
  • Available to all users. No administrator privileges are required for scanning.
  • Exporting the scan results. You can export them to html, txt or xml.

The application is absolutely free of cost for a Non-commercial License — you can use the software for non-commercial purposes in personal, educational, non-profit and non-business environment.

[Download Network Scanner]