Most people are usually unaware of just how many paths of attack spyware creators are taking. When you think virus, you may think of a PC-slowing, pop-up-laden program that simply wreaks havoc on your system. But that’s only the half. Keyloggers and other rouge files can crawl in through the back door and record and steal personal information, potentially leaving you financially crippled.

SpyShelter has long been one of the more noted antispyware/anti-keylogging systems on the market, and version 5.1 was recently released only last week – a beefier system with a much larger signature base, an improved interface, and a greatly enhanced experience for users.

The reason SpyShelter is popular is unfortunately due to the strength of keyloggers. A keylogger is an incredibly dangerous threat because it resides totally in the background of your computer and is nearly impossible to detect unless your antispyware program carries its signature.

You can log in to your e-wallet or internet casino account without any issues, but the keylogger can be recording your every stroke or even capturing your entire screen image.

Keyloggers aren’t designed to give you problems, so you will not notice any performance drop or anything out of the ordinary. All the while, though, your personal information is being recorded remotely. Anti-virus and anti-malware systems sometimes aren’t enough.

SpyShelter’s new version offers users 64-bit protection for its AntiNetworkSpy feature, which protects great against threats like Zeus or Torpig and uses protocols like HTTPS, HTML, FTP, POP, SMTP and SSL.

Some of the key features in the new-look SpyShelter include:

  • A tough Anti-Kernel Mode Logger for 32-bit (the worst of keyloggers)
  • Protection against SSL loggers via an AntiNetwork Spy Module offering 32 and 64-bit protection
  • A smaller footprint with a  lighter look and cleaner interface, giving you more power without using more performance
  • Fuller-featured version now available in freeware

If you like to play real money blackjack, enjoy doing a little bit of shopping, or simply want your privacy protected like it deserves to be, an anti-keylogger is essential. These malicious pieces of software can easily sneak through, and specifically protecting against them is a must.

SpyShelter has long earned rave reviews for being able to offer protection against the threat.