Avira Antivirus is one of the best Free Antivirus Software available on Internet today. I had used Avira on one of my office computer for the last one and half year and had absolutely no complaint. It is different matter that now I had replaced it with Norton 360 after the Symantec decided to reduce some weight from bloated Norton Security Software.

What is Avira Antivirus

If you have not yet looked at Avira Antivirus, it’s for you.

Avira AntiVir Personal is freeware. The application is for personal use only. Like most antivirus software, it scans disks for viruses and also runs as a background process, checking each opened and closed file. It can detect and possibly remove rootkits. It also performs Internet updates (daily by default) in which it opens a window, with an advertisement suggesting the user to purchase Avira AntiVir Premium. Avira updated all their products to version 9.0 as of March 2009.

Avira AntiVir Premium has several improvements over the free version, most notably:

* Detection of adware, spyware, phishing
* Email scanning (POP3 and SMTP)
* WebGuard to block access to malicious sites
* Bootable RescueCD for malware removal and system recovery.

However, I have come across several persons, who are not satisfied with the performance of Avira Antivirus and want to know how to remove and uninstall Avira. Some of them are not able to delete all the files related with Avira Antivirus from their systems with the standard Remove Program features of Windows.

In case, you are one of those, who are not satisfied with Avira and want to uninstall and remove Avira from your system, you can take the help of Avira Registry Cleaner to remove the entries made into your registry at the time of installation of Avira Antivirus. This thread on TechArena may be useful to remove Avira Antivir.

What else after removing Avira Antivirus

Let us know in the comments, which Security Software you are planning to install after removing Avira Antivirus. BTW, did you know that as the trusted partners we have been offering Huge Discount on PC Tools Internet Security Suite and many other security software. Just look in the sidebar for links.