cleaning pc files Do you require to Clean PC Files. If you feel like answering these questions in “YES”, then you sure need to clean up PC files.

  • Do you often install and try new software?
  • Does your PC not running on its optimum performance levels?
  • Is you Hard Disk clogged up?
  • Does your system crashes up often?

There are lots of FREE PC Cleaning Programs available on the Internet, which can help cleaning your PC. IN this post, we will take a look at 7 such useful programs, which you can easily download and use.

How to Clean PC  – Free Cleaning Software

Cleaning up PC requires you to concentrate on many areas of your PC. We will focus on these areas one by one.


1. AutoRuns: There are lots of the programs, which try to get into your Startup folder, when you try to install them. Even if you are not using them, they continue to run in the background and consume lots of RAM and slow down your PC performance. Besides this, they also make your PC boot slowly. So the solution is to Cleanup PC by knowing what applications and services get run on the startup. There is a nice Free PC Cleaning Software called AutoRuns (Download Autoruns here), which shows every application and service running on startup and it even tells you the DLLs in use. Once you get that information, you can decide, whether you want to keep that there or not.


2. Easy Duplicate File Finder: If you have been using your PC for a long period, there are many chances, that your PC has many different types of duplicate files. They make it very difficult for you to search and organize them, besides taking up the importance hard disk space. Would not you like to clean these PC file and get rid of the duplicates. Easy Duplicate Finder (Download Easy Duplicate File Finder here) is a program, which scans for the duplicate contents on your PC and reports them. You can clean files en masse or do it on selective basis. It also tells you other details like system files etc. which protect you from accidentally deleting important files.

3. Wise Disk Cleaner: If you want an applications, which does more that just Duplicate finding, then use Wise Disk Cleaner (Download Wise Disk Cleaner here). Besides reporting the duplicate PC files, it also finds other types of useless stuff like temporary applications that are no longer in need, various log files, back up files, index files and lot of other crap. Just start using it, and you will be surprised to know the crap stuffed on your hard disk. Regular cleaning PC is extremely important to get rid of all of them.


4. Clear Expired Cookies: In today’s world, it is very common for the websites to place cookies in your computer, when you visit them. Most of these cookies are useful as they help you to remember login information, customization of the sites etc. However, many of these cookies have a life period, after which they expire and just clog your PC. Expired Cookies Cleaner is a useful and Free PC Cleaning tool, which cleans up PC by clearing the expired cookies. Download Expired Cookies Cleaner

5. HackCleaner: If you want to do more than just clearing expired cookies, the try HackCleaner (Download HackCleaner here). This simple but useful PC Cleaning software not only clears up the cookies, but also deletes many type of temporary files, Internet Toolbars and useless DLLs. It is also capable of moving data from RAM to a page file thus increasing your system performance.


6. Wise Registry Cleaner: If you are habitual of trying and installing new Software programs, then chances are there that you registry will be in bad shape. Many software programs, which are badly written do not clean up registry and over a period of time your registry is full of junk. As your registry collects more and more junk, you increase the chances of slowing down your PC and crashes are more often.

Wise Registry Cleaner is PC cleaning software, which cleans up registry by finding orphaned or bad entries (Download Wise Registry Cleaner here). It classifies them into those, which are dangerous to be deleted and those which can be safely deleted. Before deleting, you can always take up a backup so that you can easily restore registry, if any problem occurs.


And in the end, a useful PC Cleaning Program, which helps you to cleanup PC files and keep them in top shape.

7. PC Decrapifier: Whenever you buy a new PC, chances are that the manufacturer has put in many trialware programs, for which he gets paid. You can easily identify them and delete them with the help of a useful PC general cleaning software called PC Decrapifier. (Download PC Decrapifier here).

Use these tips on cleaning PC and download free PC Cleaning software to keep your system clog free.