free file shredder programs Why to download Free File Shredders ?

Do you know that deleting the files from your Folders only deletes its reference from the Windows Directory structure. The actual content of the file remain present in your Hard Disk and are easily recoverable. Even if you delete them permanently (!) from Recycle Bin, freely available file recovery programs can easily recover the data from your HDD.

If this data is some junk office files and documents, you can forget about them. But in case, the data is sensitive, then you sure need to take precautions for your PC Security.

Here comes the role of File Shredders, which use different algorithms to actually wipe that data and make it completely unusable. There are many file shredder programs available on Internet, some are paid and some are free.

Where to find free file shredder software ?

Here we present you 11 great Freeware File Shredder Program Downloads.

  1. Eraser: Eraser is an advanced security tool (for Windows), which allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive by overwriting it several times with carefully selected patterns. Works with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Windows 2003 Server and DOS. Eraser is Free software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.
  2. System Purifier: Jitbit System Purifier is an all-in-one file shredder, privacy eraser, disk cleaner, free space wiper/eraser and startup programs manager.
  3. SuperShredder: SuperShredder gives you the ability to delete files using not only common methods such as Gutmann and NISPOM (DoD), but can be completely customized to give you all the security and/or performance you may need. It can receive files via drag-and-drop onto the application or the icon, selecting files from inside the program, command line, and can even add a shortcut to your ‘Send To’ menu inside the Windows Explorer so it’s simple to delete files in a secure and convenient fashion.
  4. File Shredder: In File Shredder you can choose between 5 different shredding algorithms, each one gradually stronger than the previous one. It also has integrated Disk Wiper which uses shredding algorithm to wipe unused disk space. This one is free for both personal and commercial use and works with Windows NT, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and Vista.
  5. Simple File Shredder: When you use Simple File Shredder to shred a file, the file is over-written with with random bytes before it’s deleted. If the file was ever restored using recovery software, it would be worthless. Simple File Shredder v3 provides a new fully customizable System Shredder. Using the System Shredder, you can easily group browser cache, cookie, and history files to be located and shredded.
  6. UltraShredder: UltraShredder is a standalone, USB portable file shredder which deletes sensitive files by overwriting them with random characters, saving it to disk each time, and then bypasses the recycle bin, thus acting as your personal, portable file shredder. If the file were to be recovered by a data recovery program, they would only be able to see unintelligible characters on disk where the file used to be. The program is a great tool to destroy sensitive data, and is very small with a minute memory footprint, and makes no changes to your system whatsoever.
  7. CHAOS Shredder: By overwriting the portion on the hard drive that was previously allocated to the files several times with junk data, CHAOS Shredder will completely erase files from your disk, without the possibility to recover it by any practical software or hardware methods. CHAOS Shredder allows you to purge, wipe and erase data with methods that far exceed US Department of Defense standards for file deletion (DOD 5220.22).
  8. Zilla Nuker: It will securely shred and destroy any sensitive files on your hard drive, including locked files and previously deleted ones. It works with Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, NT 3.x, NT 4.x, and 2000. Highlights include: different shredding modes (ex. Quick Mode), scheduler, option to shred whole drives, etc.
  9. FileASSASSIN: FileASSASSIN is an application that can delete any type of locked files that are on your computer. Whether the files are from a malware infection or just a particular file that will not delete – FileASSASSIN can remove it. The program uses advanced programming techniques to unload modules, close remote handles, and terminate processes to remove the particular locked file. Please use with caution as deleting critical system files may cause system errors.
  10. Pocket KillBox: Pocket KillBox is a program that can be used to get rid of files that stubbornly refuse to allow you to delete them.
  11. CBL Data Shredder: The CBL Data Shredder program supports a range of methods of erasing data, providing different levels of security and convenience. In general it would be true to say that each time a hard drive is overwritten, the chances of recovering any data from it become very thin. (For examples of the sorts of hardware-based recovery techniques that may be attempted, please see the succeeding section).  The CBL Data Shredder program works by overwriting the entire disk with a pattern of bits. Wiping the disk with a simple (non-random) pattern once is known as clearing or erasing. It may still be possible, with specialist hardware, to read data off the disk.