What is Packed.Generic.118

Packed.Generic.118 is a heuristic detection for files that may have been obfuscated or encrypted in order to conceal them from antivirus software.

Technical details of Packed.Generic.118

Discovered: December 29, 2008
Updated: December 29, 2008 3:52:20 AM
Type: Trojan, Virus

Characteristics of Packed.Generic.118

A packer is a tool that compresses, encrypts or obfuscates executable files. Malware authors often use packers to conceal threats from detection by antivirus software. Packed.Generic.118 detects a packer that is not known to be used for legitimate purposes.

Files that are detected as Packed.Generic.118 are considered malicious. We suggest that any files you believe are incorrectly detected as Packed.Generic.118 be submitted to Symantec Security Response.