Make Windows Run Faster

This post is part of the 17 Tips Series on How to Make Windows Run Faster.

If you are my type of Windows users, you will be using and testing new programs very often. Most of these programs try to install in such a way so as to get listed in the startup folder and initialize every time Windows boots. If you allow this to happen, this soon creates a situation, when your system tray is full of different kinds of icons, and your RAM of full of these programs, whether you currently are using that program or not.

It is a big drain on your precious system resources and it is better to optimize the programs which should find place in your startup folder.

How to reduce the Startup Programs to increase Windows speed


A few simple steps…

  • Click Start > Run.
  • Type msconfig > OK
  • Click on the Startup tab.
  • Disable those programs that you do not want to startup on boot up
  • Save the settings

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